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Located in the heart of Scotland, Paisley offers convenient access to various attractions and destinations.

With its close proximity to Glasgow, you can easily explore the vibrant city and all its cultural offerings, including museums, art galleries, and a bustling nightlife.

If you're interested in history, make sure to visit Paisley Abbey, a stunning medieval church with a rich heritage.

Additionally, the town is surrounded by beautiful countryside, providing opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling.

From Paisley, you can also venture further afield and discover other parts of Scotland, such as the scenic Loch Lomond and the historic Stirling Castle.

With its central location and diverse range of attractions, Paisley is the ideal choice for your Scottish adventure.

Many Reason To Visit Paisley

Paisley, Scotland's largest town, is a place of great historical significance - it is renowned for its iconic 'Paisley Pattern', which is deeply rooted in the town's heritage.

Paisley is conveniently located near Glasgow Airport, making it easily accessible for travellers.

The town is also home to the main campus of the University of the West of Scotland, providing a centre for education and academic pursuits.

For football enthusiasts, St Mirren Football Club adds a sense of excitement and community spirit to the town.

With its rich history, cultural traditions, and diverse offerings, Paisley is a destination that truly has something for everyone.

Our Background

HolidayLets.ai is a website dedicated to promoting four self-catering units in Paisley.

If you're looking for a short-term let in Paisley, near Glasgow Airport, you've come to the right place.

We are a small, family-run business located in Renfrewshire, Scotland, in the United Kingdom.

Billy manages the apartments, and his fiancée Louise - together with friends and family - provides support and assistance to keep everything ticking along nicely.

During your time with us, you can expect to have direct communication with Billy, or Louise - both will ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable .

HolidayLets.ai take pride in offering a personalised, welcoming and unique experience to all our guests who stay at our apartments.

Billy, who was born and raised in Paisley, completed his education at local schools before enrolling in a Glasgow University to study Mathematics. To support himself financially, Billy worked part-time in a catering department for the NHS during weekends. Once he graduated, Billy embarked on a fulfilling career as a secondary school Mathematics teacher. However, after eight years, he embarked on a career break and came across new opportunities. This led him to become an holiday let host, whilst also returning to work part-time for the NHS at weekends. Not leaving behind the field he loved, Billy continues to tutor Mathematics in the evenings throughout the week.

Meanwhile, Louise, who also hails from the area, pursued her interest in Computing Engineering at University. She studied in Glasgow and currently works part-time as a computer analyst at the towns local university.

Billy and Louise, proud parents of two mischievous young boys named Lewis and Logan, find that managing holiday lets are a brilliant solution to balance work and family life. By hosting guests in their four self-catering apartments, they have gained the flexibility they need to raise their children.

Billy and Louise have always been fascinated by television shows about buying and renovating properties, as well as owning bed and breakfasts and travelling abroad. In 2018, they took a leap of faith and bought a flat in Paisley, to firstly renovate, and then list on Airbnb. Since then, they haven't looked back and have cherished every moment of their decision.

This venture has brought them joy and fulfilment, making their family life even more delightful.

Book your stay with using HolidayLets.ai, support a local family, and discover the charm of Paisley.

What We Offer

Our self-catering properties come fully equipped with kitchen facilities, allowing you to prepare your own meals and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with it.

With stunning landscapes, breath taking castles, and a rich cultural heritage, Scotland is a fantastic destination for a self-catering holiday.

So why not immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of this captivating country and experience Scotland at your own pace?

"Why Stay At Self Catering Accommodation, & Not Just Book A Hotel?"

"Choose Quality!, Not Quantity!"

As a family, we are very proud of and take great pride in our four apartments. They are OUR small family business - when someone books a stay with us we are genuinely delighted and excited!

Each of our self-catering units offer a personalised and unique experience that positively, and completely, surpasses that of a typical budget hotel. Unlike hotels, our holiday lets provide you with the complete freedom to create your own schedule. You have the flexibility to explore local markets and then try your hand at cooking traditional dishes - truly immersing yourself in the local culture. You can cook your own meals, at a time of your choosing, and then enjoy them at the dining table in the living area - creating a homely environment that hotels simply cannot replicate.

Our flats are fully equipped with top-of-the-line electronics and stylish furniture to ensure a comfortable stay. From fully equipped kitchens to quality bedroom linen, every detail is carefully designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience. We understand the importance of the small things that make a big difference, such as having a socket extension conveniently placed next to your bed, allowing you to easily charge your phone or any other electronic devices during the night.

Our goal is to make you feel at home and provide you with the convenience and comfort you deserve during your travels.

We also aim to go the extra mile - and give you access to other items such as a tablet that you can use during your stay meaning you can; check todays weather, browse the internet for a local recipe to cook, order a taxi, order shopping or take away food, view/listen to our accessible welcome guide, or simply play music on the Spotify app that streams to our Sonos branded speaker.


Budget hotels are usually part of a chain, which means they belong to a larger group that manages multiple hotels. Hotels allow for a standardised experience across a nation, or even a continent - the hotel managers will follow the guidelines and policies. Guests can benefit from this consistency, knowing exactly what to expect when staying in a hotel belonging to the chain, but when you look back at any pictures you may have taken whilst in your hotel room you would be forgiven for forgetting where you had travelled to.

Hotel receptionists will pass on your housekeeping or plumbing concerns, forwarding them to someone, like a maid or a janitor, for resolution. They may even need to collaborate with their superiors to sometimes find solutions to unusual issues, maybe involving contractors to attend - this process may take some time due to red tape and contractual obligations with specific service providers. This is out with your control and can require a lot of patience on your part.

If an issue arises during your stay with us you can rest assured WE will promptly and efficiently address it with our extensive knowledge, skills and local expertise - there are no limits to the actions we can take to make things right for you. Your comfort and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us, and we will go above and beyond to ensure that you have a pleasant, hassle-free experience during your time with us.

When you stay at our flat we will always have your best interests at heart, and you are our utmost priority if you reach out to us.

Have We Stayed At Other Self Catering Apartments?

Yes, we have stayed at other self-catering apartments numerous times before.

One of our first experiences was booked through Airbnb for a four day trip to Madrid, Spain.

My partner, Louise, had booked this trip as a surprise for my 30th birthday.

The apartment was fantastic, and the overall experience exceeded our expectations.

Choosing self-catering accommodation greatly enhanced our short-term stay in Madrid.

It allowed us to immerse ourselves in the local neighbourhoods, culture, and way of life, which is one of the very reasons we travel.

While staying in a hotel would have also been enjoyable, it would have lacked the cultural insight and understanding of what it truly feels like to live in Madrid as a Spanish citizen.

We always explore self-catering options before considering a hotel stay.